Dublin, Ireland Falling in Love Again…Slowly

“HiYa!” My favorite expression of the Irish. I could listen to it all the time. I could also look at the butts and legs of the Irish (and the Scots and English for that matter). They always seem well toned and pleasant : )

I found my way to Avalon House Hostel, right off the 16A bus route from the airport. A definite hostel option in Dublin. I had gotten sick on the plane which meant NO sleep, pure physical exhaustion, and a blood filled eye because of busted blood vessel. Avalon, bumped me into another room to help me sleep off my misery, even though I was 5 hours early. I ::heart:: them.

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First night’s plans in Dublin, avoid Temple Bar at all costs. Solution?  The Globe, a local, student bar with great  music, moderately packed, with people dancing and singing in their seats to the DJ.  I was still feeling tired from the flight over, yet didn’t want to wast a Dublin night.

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I found myself at 78 Club Casino at the roulette table. I was the only one there with one other person. The table girls were from Bolivia, Slovakia, and so sweet. The manager was Irish, he offered me a cup of tea. At the roulette table. Would the Borgata do that?

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As midnight passed, the room filled up with an international set and an Irishman named Paul, joined the table. Complaining about Americans (he as beyond drunk…he managed to compliment everyones ass and tell me how great King of Prussia was, as well as invite me to his hotel)

He yells out, “There is no REAL American name! None!”

Surprised by this, I responded, “That’s not true, that statement is NOT true. What about ‘LaTonya’?”

Supporting me in my cause to backup a true American name, the Irish manager responds,” I’ll support my American cousins. What about  ‘Sitting Bull’?”

Winning 50.00 Euro, still exhausted, and still feeling off, and felling tired of Paul’s come-ons,  I go home. But ready to fully enjoy my second visit to Ireland.


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