1 Trip. 1 Tank of Gas. Dublin, Texas.

Dr Pepper is a Texas staple. No, really it is. And the one and only place to really appreciate it is in Dublin, Texas.

Dublin hosts the oldest bottling plant of Dr Pepper in the world. 1 day and 1 tank of gas trip is all you’ll need to take the trip outside of Dallas.  During the visit,  be treated to the original building that is now used as a soda jerk shop. Dr Pepper with its syrup made of Imperial Sugar Cane and soda water,  mixed together for each person order in front of your eyes.


One day, a boy fell in love with a girl. Her last name was Pepper and her father was a doctor. Yes, it’s true! The developer of the soda named the drink Dr. Pepper in hopes of winning the respect and favor of the girl’s father, but to no avail, she married someone else.  ::sad face::

Dr Pepper Fun Facts

Medical Healing:

Dr Pepper has enough sugar in it to be considered food. Yes, that’s right…food. It was “discovered” by scientists, the body goes into an energy slump at 10: 30, 2:30, 4:30. Dr Pepper began to market itself as an energy drink soon after, to be drunk at 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00. Of course. Hence the 10 2 4 marketing campaign.


The “.”  in Dr. Pepper was dropped because of peoples perceptions of the soda having medicinal features and the company wanted to steer away from that concept with a new marketing campaign.

Photo Credit

Pretty Peggy Pepper is the face go Dr Pepper and she began before WWII. Now a days Dublin selects a girl between 17-22 to represent Dr Pepper for one year. The originally PPP was pictured as active (because the Dr Pepper was an energy drink, you know)


The plant in Dublin does bottle production of approx. 14,000 bottles,  once a month, bottling only the older vintage bottles from production from the early 1950’s to the 1970’s.



The tour ends with a walk through three rooms of Dr Pepper memorabilia. Including Dr Peppers connection to Texas football, vintage  bottles and can, old school marketing posters, and trinkets of Dr Pepper (earrings, coozies, shirts, clocks…you get the idea).


Dublin has approx. 3,000 people in it, so don’t worry if you need somewhere to eat. On your way back to Dallas, you can take a side trip to Hammond BBQ in GlenRose. This is a sweatpants, unbuckle your belt, and take a nap experience. I ordered the largest ice tea ever with my ribs, fried okra, pinto beans and Texas toast. Delish! The decor is totally Texas complete with red picnic tables throughout the space.

One the drive back, you will see an amazing Texas sunset in your rear view mirror.



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