Eastern State Penitentiary. How to Survive a Haunted House.

Terror Behind the Walls. A Philly staple and my personal fav of haunted house.

ATeam, AFW, and AFWSister came with me. Comp tickets in hand, we bypassed the crowd and moved to the head of the line. Sweet.

I checked into FourSquare, in return I unlocked the Historian Badge from 4sq. Double Sweet.

The theme: ghosts, escaped convicts, and prison atrocities.

You can’t go wrong with that.

The building: imposing

The noises: loud and quick

The characters: dead guards, dead prisoners, mystery hands…lots and lots of electricity.

The returning favs: The Dot Man and Swamp Thing…..creatures of camouflage…and I heart them both.

The crowd: teenagers, biker gangs.

Us City Singletons, with me as the tour guide.

Lesson 1:

They can not touch you.

This is very important to realize and keep it in your head.

Lesson 2:

Have a beer or two prior to going. It definitely calms your nerves and decreases any anxiety.

Lesson 3:

Take in the building itself. You have to through the hallways to get to other parts of the prison, use that time to entertain yourself.

Yes, the lighting is meant to heighten the senses, but the building has some beautiful shots that you can catch as you’re walking through the it.

Lesson 4:

If there’s fog…there is usually someone coming through it.

The swaying convicts returned! Walking through dense fog, convicts lined both sides of the hallway, black hoods over their heads, white shirts, on their bodies….slowly swaying side to side. The suspense was more effective than the sounds!


Lesson 5:

Walking Order.

Walking through the prison: Stand in the front or the back. NEVER in the middle. If you’re in the front..you can scan what’s about to happen (remember to look up and down). If you’re in the back, you see what did happen. AFW learned this lesson.

The funniest part? A carnival at the end of the line.

** All Photo Credit to ATeam


2 thoughts on “Eastern State Penitentiary. How to Survive a Haunted House.

  1. Be wary of lesson 2. You can end up in a loop, repeating lesson 2 over and over again until you’ve forgotten about going to the haunted house entirely.

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