I’m Not a City Snob, I Travel. Conshohocken for Spa Week

After an eventful NYC night out including a lost, and THEN, found iPhone, leading to a shouting match, and multiple bar hops,  Spa Week couldn’t have come at a better time!  Knowing Nike had a similar need to detox following a crazy DC wedding weekend, we both skipped the city crowds and headed to one of Philly’s HOT LIST  Day Spas, Lavenders Body Care Clinic.  We went to see Vera, who not only owns Lavenders, but also knows how to do every service available at the spa. She has solid and skilled technicians offering skin, body, and nail services as well.

I decided to get the October special, the Hello Dolly Manicure. Described as “A sweet and spicy combo for spunky women. A combination of ginger, clove, honey, sugar, and orange comprises the deletable treat.” And did I need it too. Not only do I consider myself spunky, but my nails did not survive the NYC night as I had hoped. 

Now, I will admit…I’m usually a sucker for the city’s nail special….$10 manicure in one of the nail sweat shops with women who barely make eye contact with you and uncomfortably carry on conversation with you, though most of it lost in translation. Making my drive out to the suburbs, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Vera was amazing! The initial arm and hands rub down was a scrub combination of sugar, cloves, and essential oils that permeated the air.  Writing, this now, (six hours later), I can still smell the cloves on my arms.  The hot towels used to wash my skin were a nice treat. She followed it with a mask for my arms…oh, yes! You heard me right, a mask for my arms! It was made of honey, tangerine, and essential oils with my hands placed in hand warmers, and  completed with rub down number TWO.

Definitely a first.

The process was completed by arm rub down, number THREE with oil infused lotion.  My nails finished with “Lincoln Park After Dark”. RROOAArrrr!

Nike had the Pumpkin Spice Massage. Well aware of the benefits of massage, Nike described it as quite and relaxing with her senses engaged throughout the hour long experience.  Staying with the October theme, Vera used pumpkin and spice body lotions, silently, yet firmly focusing on body knots and moving on with balance while addressing specific joints as well. A perfect start to Nike’s detox.

Lavenders Body Care Clinic is located on Fayette St, the main drag in Conshy.  A small drive from Philly, and well worth the experience.

814 Fayette St


You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare.


One thought on “I’m Not a City Snob, I Travel. Conshohocken for Spa Week

  1. GREAT BLOG Betsy Von Awesome! I go to Lavenders Body Care Clinic monthly and it’s definitely the BEST, most relaxing full service spa near the Main Line (I drive 20min. to get my massage and waxing!)! All the massages therapists and estheticians really are the AMAZING! I’m so excited to see them featured in your blog! Lavenders is the best kept secret around and I would suggest ANYONE to check them out!

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