I See the Beach…..

By invite from CeCe Girl, I headed out to Avalon, a shore destination off Exit 13 of the NJ Parkway, for a birthday party for her boyfriend.  I realized I had been to the shore town before, known as  “Cooler by a Mile”, a few years ago for another weekend at a friend’s beach house. This time, I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a swift kick in the ass to think about my future.

I stayed with a family of seven (two parents and five daughters over the age of 21), three of their boyfriends, my two friends, myself, and the dog. The house energy was alive the entire time….aunts showing up, cousins showing up, more aunts showing up… everyone coming and going, music playing, people dancing in the kitchen, other people preparing kabobs (which I helped out with), the boyfriends cooking kabobs, and more people playing Cornhole.  A game of points based on positioning of the bean bags on the board or in the hole…but for this night the rules were explained like this:

“We could score 5, 10, 15…but we use 1, 2, and 3 because there are a lot of liberal arts people here. It makes it easier.” Nice.

I eventually played…and won with my partner.

ATeam’s picture of me at the Cornhole game. She loves her apps and that damn new iPhone.

Was it my age? My perpetual latch key issues? I have no idea, yet. But I LOVED being there. I loved the non stop activity, it was like its own little village….I was never alone. As we piled food on our plates for dinner, I told CeCe Girl all the action was a little overwhelming because I was an only child and not used to it. She laughed. It made me start thinking about what I want in my life. I’m passed the quarter life crisis and I need to re-assess.

We ate outside at night under the stars, listening to the ocean waves breaking 500 feet from us.

Once the food was finished and  the gifts presented…a traditional hermit crab from CeCe’s family and a bottle of Whiskey from the men…we headed out to the bars.  We head out to the two popular bars in the own, The Whitebriar and The Princetown. Tweeting ensued:

Tweet 1: overheard in NJ: I don’t remember the last time I saw guys in polo shirts at the bar. At the Whitebriar

Tweet 2: Coverband! NJ treats u right at The Princeton

Tweet 3: So embarressed Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy… Is NOT country. It’s crap. #countrymusic #bigandrich

Tweet 4: SplitDecision….nice. I Want to Be a Millionaire #theprinceton # newjersey #jerseyshore

Tweet 5: At the The Princeton
‘I live to give people seizures.’ Guy deminstrating his “dancing skills”

Tweet 6: Can’t loose w ‘Walking on Sunshine’…. At least w the drunks. #theprinceton # drunkpeople #jerseyshore #splitdecision

Tweet 7: I’m at Circle Pizza (21st and Dune Drive, Avalon). http://4sq.com/9rHOob

Tweet 8: Overheard in New Jersey at 2:00 at the pizza joint:
Guy 1: Rons mom is outside
Guy 2: to take us back to ocean city?
Guy 1: ya. Let’s go.

Tweet 9: I don’t think I could go anywhere right now and party, especially with Rons mom there. #jerseyshore

The moments I remember:

Morning wake up to the crashing waves. Amazing view.

ATeam and I went biking through the town.

Time at the beach.

Family Time with the Kabobs

And me wanting it all again.


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