24 Hours: One Hot City: The Night Life

Full disclosure:  I am not a clubber. I really hate it.   I’ll admit I LOVED it back in the day…I couldn’t sweat enough. But apparently I have entered “The Olds” and I prefer a good low key pub with live music and a great pint.

After dinner at Good in the West Village, with Bonnie and the girls, we headed out to the Meatpacking District.  The city was muggy with a light breeze off the Hudson….but hot either way.  Dana led the way, hell if I knew where I was going.  It was all a bit of blur at that point. I can tell you I DID NOT fit in. I was totally Philly around all the hoochie mamas.   After failing to get into Brass Monkey, even after name dropping and walking into an empty dance floor at Sea Restaurant, we settled in on The Standard Biergarten, The Standard Grill.

A full force, multipurpose event space. The garden was outside, the grill was inside. I opted for the grill, just to get some cool air. Fashion models, all of them,  6′  at least,  lined the place, Players stood right around them. Me? I shuffled in and prayed for a craft beer. I settled for a water, I really didn’t know how much more sweat I had in my body.

We met a group of guys from North Carolina, who told us people think their accents are Texan. I had to agree…very close. Very close.

The Redneck: full force accent. Completely rough looking , with an innocent demeanor.

The Wanna-Be (Player): cap to the side. Attempting to rap or sing? Attempting to bond with the DJ.

The Shy boy: Stands back, laughs at his friends jokes. Makes limited eye contact with any of us, but eager to be in the pictures (may he’s getting drunk at this point)

The Glue: He knows everyone. He makes conversation with all of us, introducing us to everyone. He makes sure things are running smoothly with his boys as well as trying to keep us entertained.

We did have a celebrity sighting: Ice T and CoCo. That’s all I have to say about that.

We headed out to Revel. What can I say? It’s a bar, I checked in foursquare, Bonnie and I sat under the tree while I charged my phone from the Christmas light extension and we left.

Bonnie, Dana, and I got caught in the rain, under a bridge. How New York is that?! We had so much fun…taking pictures of each other and  lil’ love from an Irish man who I mistook for someone from Pittsburgh. The khakis get me every time…and he was all about the kiss greeting. I’m not sure why I was the only one who got a picture with him?


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