24 Hours: One Hot City: The Gallery

Photo Credit

You know when it’s an official foursquare Heatpocalypse in the NYC, it’s also an “INSIDE” day. And that means art galleries and the bar!  ATeam and I hit up The Jonathan LeVine Gallery in the Meatpacking District. The gallery’s exhibit installations reflect illustration, comic book art, graffiti, street art, and pop culture imagery. We found the gallery through the IPhone App: Not For Tourists. Twitter: @notfortourists They also have a public bathroom….which was a plus, in addition to the AC!

Two artists were featured.

Jeff Soto with his collection titled: Lifecycle referring to birth, death, and the voyage in between. “The artist’s interest in  time, mortality, fatherhood, and general relationships-within his own family and humankind in general-are explored through metaphors and symbolism”

He, apparently, has an huge following of comic book fans and is well respected among street graffiti artists.  He is, himself, started as a street graffiti artist, but he also went to a proper art school as well.  Prices for art pieces run from $6,000 to $25,000, over half of his collection was sold when we walked the show. The docent said galleries will, at times, sell out before a show even starts or they will offer pieces to specific people first before the pieces go on display.

The Escape

Mother and Father


Car Crash



The Sun Rises Again


And lastly, The Seeker. This is the one painting that Soto’s fans come to see.

The Seeker

This was on the back of the building. A testament to his craft and maybe one of my favs of his. I like how he continued it into the sidewalk.


Dave Cooper: Mangle

His has a comic book and illustration history, but he is now drawing and painting sexy but disturbing portraits of chubbyish women with overbites (or, as he has put it, “mostly pillowy girls”) (citation needed)


Watching Intently

The Procession

Though less is known about Dave’s exhibit, I preferred it and it’s warped little ways.


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