24 Hours: One Hot City: The Hotel

NYC.  One hot city, 96  muggy degrees to be exact, an official foursquare Heatpocalypse event. One expensive place as well, until I found The Jane Hotel in The West Village.  I found it through @Quikbook via twitter. It was the best hotel/hostel I’ve stayed at since picking up the habit.  At first I got a very Shining-esque feel from the photos, and I knew the room would be small and functional, (they also provide FREE bikes to ride). As a lover of horror movies and functional space, specially with vacations, that was fine with me. The history of The Jane is really, really exciting. Per The Jane’s website:

“Completed in 1908, the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute was designed by William A. Boring, the architect renowned for Ellis Island’s immigrant station.  Originally built as a hotel for sailors with cabin-like rooms, the land marked hotel was lovingly restored on its centennial in 2008.
In 1912, the survivors of the Titanic stayed at the hotel until the end of the American Inquiry into the ship’s sinking.  The surviving crew held a memorial service at the hotel four days after the ship sank.
In 1944, the YMCA took over the hotel from the Seaman’s Relief Center, as the hotel was then called.
During the ‘80s and ‘90s, the hotel was part of downtown New York’s bohemian culture, hosting Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the Million Dollar Club, amongst many other rock-n-roll events.  The hotel has continued to house guests with more dash than cash ever since. ”

My Room:

Standard cabin: 50 sq. feet. YES 50! Very Cozy and Quite (I had the last room at the end of the hallway).

Air Conditioning: cooled the room quickly (but that should be expected within a 50 sq. foot room, yes?)

TV: takes up about half the wall, and the room had a small window.

Mattress: comfy and easy to sleep on, but the pillows were feather pillows and not really my preference.

Light switches: all of them are above the head of the bed and easy to reach if you’re super lazy like me.

Additional Amenities that I enjoyed: wall hooks line two of the walls to hang clothes, alarm clock, bathrobe, slippers, wall fan directed to the head of the bed and two light sources (ceiling and reading light).

Standard Amenities: Here

Photo Credit

My Key:

Weighing at least 2-3lbs and wider than my palm. The long pin had to be placed in the wall socket to activate the electricity in the room, much like Europe.  I carried the key around with me, not knowing I could have left it at the front desk, but it was fun to show people.

The Staff:

AMAZING! Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a more down to earth and friendly staff. The vibe at the hotel is so relaxed and warm. I spent my Sunday morning talking to them about breakfast. Tradition, is the name of the game. They dress in traditional bellboy outfits which maroon with yellow stripes, and depend on a traditional call bell on the front desk.  There is also a manually operated elevator takes you up and down the building with it’s own attendant.

Overview: Apparently within the past year, The Jane has had some “issues”. I found it a great place to crash on a Saturday night for the price and location, you can’t do any better.

Here’s a great  video by Reb Stevenson of  The Jane and what to expect:

Extra shots:

Me and My Key and the Dark Hallway

The Lobby Peacock


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