The Best Damn Bar-B-Q in These Here Parts, North of the Mason/Dixon Line

Bar-B-Q is good..but I love anything slathered in condiments. I also like hyphens…and with the July 4th holiday weekend I took @justaskgreta, @bneilsmith and @karensuzanne to Percy Street Barbeque on South St. I had read about the owners experience driving through Texas hill country for great Bar-B-Q in Philadelphia Weekly.   I tweeted the experience.

Photo: Phoodelphia

Traditional TX BBQ amd Shiner Bock? In the PA…. Say no more. Percy Street gets big props! (@ Percy Street Barbecue w/ @karensuzanne)

At @percystreet with @JustAskGreta @bneilsmith and @karensuzanne …. Shiners to start with…..I feel home already! #Texas

First comment from staff…”you’ll be the first to not ask for pulled pork.” ribs all the way for me! #Texas @percystreet

Interesting drinks at @percystreet FM 423 and the Black Eyed Susan

Hello Shug…..I’ve missed you. #shinerbock #Texas @percystreet

Amon, our waiter who doesn’t have twin or brother. Is reading my mind for a constant flow of Shiner Bock. I like him for this.@percystreet

Another reason I like Amon @percystreet

The Lockhart sampler…. think I will sleep for days. #Texas @percystreet

Photo Credit: Slash Food

A great twist on potato salad! I can actually see and taste the potato. @percystreet

Culture clash…I’m all about the tray and the Yanks are about proper plates.@percystreet #Texas

Schooled Amon on the drinking habits of TX…. We do not finish our beers. We leave enough at the bottom for the spit. @percystreet

Oh. Sweet. Jesus. I could sit in a lazy boy and go comatose from the BBQ. Of course I’d have to have Shiner close by. @percystreet

Culture clash #2…. TX expects hand wipes after BBQ.. Yanks expect you to go to the bathroom. @percystreet

The North & South come together. @percystreet courtesy of the only Yank @JustAskGreta at the table. #Texas

Dessert. @percystreet should start charging me rent, I’m staying. Amon can be my waiter for all things food

Slap my ass and call me done. Amon, the food, the Shiner… Amazing! @percystreet. TX would be proud. #Texas

Toothpicks in the bathroom… Of course. @percystreet great idea! Now just offer hand wipes at the end of the meal..please. xxoo

Amon just called us an awesome table… I continue to like him and think he is awesome too. @percystreet

Maybe it was the Shiner, maybe it was the BBQ, maybe it was the fact that I felt a little at home…either way, I completely enjoyed my Percy Street experience. My messy hands, the paper towel roll, feeling like I could unbutton my pants and lay back on a lazy boy at any minute, if given the opportunity. In the end I ran into Dallas locals…actually Richardson locals and we exchanged emails. It was so interesting, I starting thinking about starting a Texas Ex’s Group in Philly.

We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “The Best Damn Bar-B-Q in These Here Parts, North of the Mason/Dixon Line

    • totally…….and I have to remain loyal to Shiner when I’m living my Texas memories…but will attempt Sly Fox next know it!

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