How the Economy Bachelor Became the Awesome Bachelor

So, last Monday was THE night to hang out with our Economy Bachelor, Jim.  And I will admit I couldn’t haven given a rat’s ass about it….honestly for the past few months since the fundraiser, scheduling four people has been a nightmare and at time I felt like Jim was giving us the brush off.

I had already had my prize…the Phillies game...which Jim basically bailed on and assured me his feelings wouldn’t be hurt if I went with someone else (his suggestion) .Monday night Vera, Jen, and Jim, and I met up for drinks in Conshy at Baggataway Tavern after he met up with Jen for dinner earlier that night.

At first, it was cut and dry ‘Hellos’. Nothing too exciting, I will admit, I was more focused on catching up with Jen and Vera and would just deal with Jim.  Honestly, part of me wasn’t really sure what to talk about either, I’m so glad I didn’t go to dinner.

Events of the Night:

1. Jen whispered to me Jim was sick, but he still showed up.

2. Jim asked me about my video I’m doing for work…genuinely interested in what it was about.

3. Jim was not the Guido I expected, seemed shy, yet obviously responsible with a quite confidence about himself . He assured us he was not intimidated by us (all three of us can be pretty boisterous when we’re together).

4. Vera told us about having to wax body parts, including:

  • backs
  • balls
  • va jay jays

Jim takes this all in stride.

5. Vera says the following, which I OHiP’d.

  • “What do you do with a flaccid penis? It’s like, ‘Hello! ‘Is this thing on!'”

Jim laughs along with us.

6. Jim apologizes for the Phillies game, very sincere about it. It was quite sweet.

7. Jim listens to us discuss Skeletor Kareokee and even comments on it to us…was he interested in it? I’m not sure, but I think he should totally try it out.

8. I knocked over an empty drinking glass while I was talking and swinging my arms around, the glass fell to the floor and shattered.

9. Jim joins us in big time gossip about the auction

After some great craft beer including Stouts Double IPA, Flying Fish Exit, and Victory Hop Wallup, it was like all the initial issues didn’t matter.  Our little group had found it’s cohesion and we found ourselves laughing and engaged with each other.

Jim heads out, I liked him more. He’s not as bad as I thought, he WAS having to deal with the three of us. He totally changed my perspective of him. I was very impressed.

Jim is an Awesome Bachelor.


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