Fade to Black, Day 4: I Heart Ben

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -Benjamin Franklin

This week is Philadelphia Beer Week, and Friday night was the tapping of the keg with the Hammer of Glory at the Independence Visitors Center (IVC). The line was long, but we made it into the IVC to hear the Second Street Irish Society Pipes and Drums.

WHY AM I OFF THE GRID THIS WEEK! There are so many things going on…I’m partially isolated from people. Between emails and calls, I was able to meet up with Lynsey, Autumn, and the girls for the event.

Mayor Nutter was there, Joe Six Pack opened the ceremony and the Flyers were on every TV in the house.

My drink list:

Home Sweet Homebrew:  Home made root beer

Triumph Brewery: German Pilsner

Yeungling: Chesterfield Ale

Twin Lakes: Nice, hoppy, and fresh.

Weyerbacher: Belgian sweet beer. One of the BEST I had at the tasting

Sam Adams: Worlds Triple (only sold in Boston…and it was one of the best I had all night)

I checked Twitter….there were 38 people checked into the event. AHAHAHAH!!! I wanted to check in as well. I wanted more Twitter friends.

We made our way upstairs to the conference room and the large, outdoor patio . Ben Franklin was there and he told me a dirty, tasteless joke:

“I used to watch hockey a lot with my lover. Watching hockey makes me horny, but my lover refused to have intimate relations during the game. So I could only have relations with her between periods.”

::roll eyes::  He was, obviously, not in character.  AND I wanted to Tweet that too!

Ben: “Wow, you girls are on a pirate ship!”

Us: “I think the pirates are more interested in the Flyers game.”

I signed a proclamation I will not accept bad beer!  Another tweetable moment.

We met guys who saved us with pretzels and the Brauhaus Schmitz lederhosen man was there as well.


3 thoughts on “Fade to Black, Day 4: I Heart Ben

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  2. lmao I love that quote, and I think it’s awesome how you’re living it up and experiencing everything the city has- I should seriously learn from you. I’ve lived here my whole life and still don’t know as much as I should!

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