Fade to Black Day 2: The Big, Blue Scrubs

5:30: Wake up and roll over to see the dog staring at the wall. It’s a bit creepy, but I think he’s going senile.

6:30: Watch True Beauty with Carson Kressley. I am happy with this decision. It was a good time waster.  Continue to check email and accept an invite to Seth and the City, to be held on the 57th floor of Liberty One, the penthouse.  This sounds absolutely amazing. I haven’t been in a penthouse in a few years.

7:45: Arrive to work and check uwishunu.com . Apparently there is a Beer Week App. I am tempted to upload it, but resist it.  I also read over BeerLass.com for the Beer Week events and wonder how to contact people who may be interested in going to the events.  Also realize the Manayunk Bike Race is this week. How do I get people together for that?  I have all these events!!! How to get people to go? I did get an email as well. Yael wants to meet for First Friday this week. Totally possible, I replied I will attend.

8:00: Notorious Sally Brown leaves me alone throughout the morning.

8:00am-4:00pm: Continuously check for alerts from facebook and missed texts. People continue to not miss me.

4:00: Lynsey shows up. Center City Sips jump starts this week and she’s meeting her friends at Table 31 after work. Why should I deny going to happy hour in my big, blue, scrubs.

5:00: Table 31, Comcast Center (Double FourSquare points! )

Table 31 Drama:

We found a GREAT high top table, to ourselves

Tickets: $2.20, $3.30, and $4.40 for beer, wine, and  “special” lemonade.

A group of VERY tan, bordering leatheresque girls ask if they can share our table with us. We oblige.

Spot Arthur Kade, notorious celeb wanna be, with several abandonment and relationship issues, walking around trying to find friends. I pull out my iPhone multiple times and stare at it. I have to text people about this hot mess. I want to foursquare I am at the happy hour. Who knows who else is here! But I have to settle with just looking around, which was worth it.  It gave me a chance to  see all the Philadelphia people, see the faces….I miss those while I’m texting/FourSquareing/FB.

OHiP Episode 1:

Girl 1: It was the third time I met him. He was so cute, so shy.

Girl 2: What was his name?

Girl 1: ::shrugs:: “Joe? It’s probably good I don’t remember his name?”

OHiP Episode 2:

Girl 1: “His friend, his wife, his girlfriend, his job coach. Whatever she is, she’s awful.”

OHiP Episode 3:

Girl 1: “Whenever I get drunk, or whatever I am, I get giddy.”

Lynsey showes me her Henna tattoo. Special instructions:

After application, it becomes dark and eventually peels off.

You MUST apply olive oil or baby oil after application to pull the color out to it’s most vibrant.

She also tells me the 57th floor is not actually a penthouse, but a bar…on the 57th floor of Liberty One. Great.

7:30: Walking home, I see the Roxy. It actually has a line out the door. Sex and the City is showing on all three screens.

I also, run into my homeless guy from last night….he now has a new hair cut with his blue tooth.

9:00: I’m completely beat. I’ve spent the last 2 hours updating the blog. Sitting on the bed tires me out….well, at least it’s doing what it needs to. I want to go work out, but end up walking the dog and catching a lighting bug.


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