Fade to Black: Day 1, Latchkey Kid Syndrome

5:30: Wake up and rolled over to check facebook. Then realize my mission. Close the computer and put it away.

6:30: Check Twitter one last time in search of Zane Lamprey‘s location in Philly. No luck, he’s on his way to NYC. I did get a mention from @BillyMayfair:

@betsyvonawesome we’ll miss you Anna. Wish I could call you.

I have no idea who it is. but it was sweet.

I think?

They are following 70 people and only four people are following them.

7:45: Arrive to work 15 min early because I dressed quicker than usual, immediately get annoyed with obnoxious co-worker. We’ll call her Sally Brown, for obvious reasons.

8:00: Arrange iPhone icons to calm down from Sally Brown’s morning self-righteous attempt to levy power and influence. Put Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare icons on last page of phone.

8:00am-4:00pm: Continuously check for alerts from facebook and missed texts. Doesn’t anyone miss me?

4:00: Cubbiemate says the funniest thing, easily would have put it up on OHiP. But have to settle for the Cubbie Twitter page.

“I’m not as blond as you think.”

5:30: Leave work, find my way to Sue’s Produce. Pulled out the earbuds and made eye contact with pseudo-hipster cutie. Thank God I was wearing my pseudo-hipster glasses.

630-7:00: Dinner

7:00-8:00: Work out, but find myself wanting to stop after 30min so I could get home and watch TV. Ironically I was already watching it at the gym and they have better channels.

8:00: Delete my Hulu cue. Update Blog.  Find a great posting I want to put on facebook for OHiP. They need more tweets. I really, really, REALLY want to post it on my site. Debated on walking around the city or going to open mic night, ended up walking Claude around the park and I discovered:

  • my local homeless guy who sleeps on a heating grate two buildings down from me as well as pan handles outside of Irish Pub, was sporting a bluetooth. My question is this
  1. Obviously, where is money coming from
  2. Does he call his other homeless friends walking around with blue tooths, teeths?
  3. Does he think we don’t notice?
  • I heard a  classic OHiP: “Jim, You look like you just stepped out of Taurus.”
  • I made eye contact with a cutie skateboarder.
  • As I was walking Claude in the grass of the park, the sprinklers came on and sprayed us….a lot.
  • Apparently Tuesdays are a great day to eat al fresco around the park.

I will admit I was pretty jealous. But now, I’m tired and want to go to bed.


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