Fade To Black

This week I will be in a self imposed blackout, starting Tuesday, June 1st.

Off the social network grid.

My year of self enrichment has developed into a realization that my initial bliss of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare has now come at a price. I find I am in front of my computer more than I’m engaging with my friends. I’d rather surf for great posts for facebook or watch Hulu than become engaged with my neighbors. I’m also beginning to loath my work environment but am trying to appreciate the opportunity to go to work everyday and pay my bills and afford the leisure time I do have.

In an attempt to reconnect with my community and to identify myself by my interactions with my friends rather than with my job, I have made a few rules for the week:


1. No FourSquare checking in

2. No Facebook status updates

3. Cell phone for calls only

4. Texts for communication of a primary need only.

5. If person texting is familiar, the text must be returned via phone call.

6.  No Twitter updates or ReTweets

7. Computer time allotted from 6-8pm only or two hours a day, whatever comes first.

My expectation is for greater connection to my friends and my community as well as greater self reflection.

See you June 8th.


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