Phillies Game sans Economy Bachelor, Jim

Flashback to last month: Vera, Jen, and I won a bid on Jim during a Bachelor Auction, fundraiser.

Prizes included:

  • Phillies tickets
  • Dinner gift certificate
  • Bar gift certificate

It was agreed that I would do the game, Jen would get the dinner, and all three of us would do happy hour with our bachelor, Jim.

After weeks of delayed emails between Jim and me, I finally got an email one day before the game from Jim, stating he is still busy, though would try to rearrange his schedule today to come to the game.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Autumn and I met up for the game and discovered some out amazing seats, which I highly encourage. Section 103, Row 7, seats 19 and 20.

I expectation a five hour game. What I got was three hours and:

  • Chickie and Pete’s Crab Fries, with cheese
  • A sing-a-long for Owen’s 7th birthday
  • Four guys sitting in front of us, having a night out and making friends with us
  • IMBDing General Hospital for one of the guys because he was sure he recognized someone
  • OHiP from the same guy: “At the Phillies game: Guy1: Every guy watches a soap opera at least once in their life. Guy 2: I watch ‘Grays Anatomy’, does that count?” @OHiP

Some of my FAQ:

  • When do you steal a plate?
  • Do outfielders get bored? How do they keep from getting bored?

Roots in the Outfield can explain all that.

What he was really doing was telling the other outfielders “2 outs”, just catch it. Don’t throw it in.

What I witnessed:

  • Jayson Werth throws his practice balls into the stands. Specifically to children or women.
  • Beer: $7.75
  • Popcorn: $4.00
  • Cotton Candy: $4.00
  • Pistachios: $6.00
  • The Congo Drum cam
  • A proposal. She said yes.

And any Phillies mention is nothing with out Harry Kalas:


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