Filming a New Video Project: How Would Benny Hill Handle This Situation?

The evolution of a group project is so interesting.  We become comfortable to share more personal experiences and to create more  artistic shots while the project gets less business and more intimate.  We met for Day Two of shooting “A Day in the Life”.   The concept of Benny Hill-esque intro came about, but without the half-naked girls and sexual innuendo.  I will admit, the music would be priceless and I would look forward to the action shots of me rapidly running around like a mad woman pointing at everything.  I am not suggesting I would be  half-naked with strategically placed cantaloupes.  This is a family video.

The shoot started with Frankie driving up, opening his door and saying, “The South Philly Flirt is here.”  Al starts filming him immediately. Nothing is left to chance when anything that Frankie does has potential to educate.

The activities we addressed were general household tasks and dressing. We started on the second floor. We watch Frankie go up his  stairglide, he reminded me of Dr. Evil as the glide slowly and deliberately scrolled up the wall, hovering over the stairs to the second floor.  I  just stared into space and at each of them while he ascended to the second level.  I looked at Frankie and found myself taken aback, its times like these it really hits home to me, this guy can not walk. He really can’t. If you look at him, you would think he’s able-bodied. He has great posture, seems in good health, has a great personality….but to see him in action..I still can’t believe it. Sometimes I feel like it’s make-believe. I don’t  feel sad or happy for him…but really indifferent. It just feels surreal.

We filmed Frankie’s bathroom (how do you shower if you’re in a wheelchair)  and then we started to film how he gets dressed. Frankie offered to take off and put on his gym shorts he already had on. Why do guys OFFER to get naked so easily. I mean, they’ll strip in an instant. I assured him, that we are going for a PG rating and though I appreciate his offer to stay true to the experience, I needed him to pretend to put on pants over his shorts.

Throughout the shoot, some great OHiP (Overheard in Philly) moments via Frankie and Al:

“Yo, I can’t have my shit looking bad. Know what I’m saying”

“You never know what guy and his sisters are watching.”

“I went to Gay Pride parade and the flag corp called themselves the ‘Flaggets'”

We did another cooking scene…food is the great uniter and  the foreign language of cooking came around: New Cooking Vocabulary and concepts:

1. the growing pattern of basil

2. lemon palm

3. pine nuts

4. lemon powder

5. salmon glaze

I blacked out after that.

Our next shooting schedule is for the community…specifically a bar. That’s a concept I know about.

Here’s to you Benny:


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