Burlesque Q and A

I have always admired Rock-A-Billy and Burlesque, jealous really. I love the Stray Cats, Guys and Dolls, Betty Page, The Women (original version)…etc…    When I was little I wanted to be a showgirl or dancer in Vegas.   I was completely drawn to the feathers and sequins, which may also explain my fascination of drag queens.  I would LOVE to be able to wear classic make up styles and roll my hair up, throw on head dresses and fishnets every night. I’m neurotic enough to crave the attention.  I finally saw a Burlesque show by the  female directed, female driven, Peek-A-Boo Revue .  The show was great with multiple skits and performances be each girl. The opening was amazing, “I’m Alive” from Xanadu with a montage of all the girls:

Christa Dagger, Key, Lulu Lollipop Ginger Leigh, Cherry Bomb, Lyric, Diva D’Lish, Miss Sophie and The Strip Tease Orchestra led by Buzz. The MC’s were Tracy Todd Superstar, Count Scotchula, and Joey Martini.

Watching the show, I came up  with MY FAQ and Answers, well at least for that night.

Q1. How do tassels stick?

A: Spirit Gum. The same gum used for facial hair, wigs, theatrical purposes. Tape is also an option. They have multiple sites for production of your own, personal tassels,  Here.

Q2. What are some strip tease techniques the pros use?

A: Top 10 Moves:

1. The Tease

2. The Flirt

3. The “Did I Do That?” Look.

4. The Unaware or Accidental Exposé

5. The Knowing or Intentional Exposé.

6. The Quiver

7. The Shimmy

8-9. The Bump and Grind.

10. The Wink

Q3. Is it hard to twirl your tassels?

A: A great “How To” Video:

Q4: How do you get the “Look” for Burlesque?


In the end, Buzz asked Cherry Bomb to marry him. She said yes!


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