In Pursuit of Ale – SHAME Burger.

IPA (In Pursuit of Ale) met this past Wednesday at Wishing Well, in South Philly.  The agenda?  Drink great craft beer and a  burger eating contest, Goal: How Many SHAME burgers can you eat in 8 minutes?  The SHAME burger, made of local Lancaster sirloin, bought fresh right down the street in the Italian Market.  It is topped with house-made scrapple, American cheese and a runny fried farm fresh egg.  Channel 6 was also on hand to catch the action. Thank God I put makeup on!

Since moving here, 10 years ago, I have never tried or been interested in trying scrapple, known as the “other parts” of the pig, formed into a semi-solid congealed loaf.  In the spirit of “going with the flow”, I saddled down in the booth and got ready for my burger. In preparation for the event, I started off with Sly Fox, my usual “go to” brew when all else fails. Then, before us on the table, a plate with at least 30 sliders of the SHAME burgers was placed. Suzy, the Raging Panda, a cook from the Wishing Well, three other girls, and I sat, ready to….dig in? Oh. Sweet. Jesus, what did I get myself into? The timer was set at 8 minutes, LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!

I took my time….constantly thinking, “What would Jillian Micheals say?”

Autumn, dug in. Like  a beast!

The burger, itself, is actually pretty good. The scrapple has a sausage like quality and the yoke in the egg and melted cheese complimented the meat patty. It’s the bread that does you in, the thick roll fills up most of your mouth, slowing down the chewing process.

Here’s a good description:

“The burger is cooked well-done because the gooey cheese and fried egg provide all the juiciness you need. The fresh scrapple is well spiced with thyme and sage, and is both creamy and crispy – it’s fried, as it should be.  The multiple textures and contrasting breakfast and lunch flavors, shifting back and forth depending upon the ratio of what you get in each bite, together make this a fascinating sandwich.”

Ultimately, at the end of 8 minutes I had eaten only two. Autumn?…FOUR! She’s  a burger beast! She got her limelight and a $50 gift certificate to The Wishing Well.  I just got up to move around,  finishing my time up with a Yards IPA, the second “go to” when it’s time for a switch up..and it was time.

You can see the video here: FYI: Philly Beer Scene


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