My First 5K for Clean Air

Yea! I did it! With special Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to Colleen Brophy…..I KNOW the possibility to attempt this or to complete this would not exist without her.

6:00 am

Wake up

7:45 am

Head out


Arrive at registration

8:05 am

Attempt to put my chip on my shoe

8:07 am

Race Day Volunteer Offers Me Help with my chip

8: 15 am

Yoga stretching to Bad Bad Leroy Brown and Superfreak

8: 45 am

Bathroom break/Walk Around

8: 55 am

Begin following everyone to the starting line

9:05 am

Race starts, get passed by at least 100 people.

9:06 am

I realize my underwear is falling down past my butt and I can’t pull it up, obviously.

9:15 am

Stop to walk and get passed by a stroller


Start running again.

9: 25 am

Stop to walk again and get passed by the senior set and another stoller.

9:30 am

I see the starting area and start running again.


I cross the finish line, I think. I don’t know when to stop running. I just follow people and wait  till they stop running.

I keep walking away after I “crossed” the finish line. It was surreal. I felt happy it was over, but mostly indifferent. I had my iPhone on, so maybe I missed out on the cheering and cowbells. I liked running through the staging area of the finish line. For the first time ever I didn’t feel judged while I was running. We were all there to support each other, well, most of the people it seemed. I’m sure the winners were doing what ever hard core runners do after a race.  Stretch and run some more. Me? I’ll pulled up my underwear.


3 thoughts on “My First 5K for Clean Air

  1. Congrats!! It isn’t how you start it is the fact that you finish what you start. Never give up. That’s my girl. You’re the best!!!!


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