My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys. 1971-2010

“Why is there a hole in the roof of Texas Stadium?”

“So, God can watch his favorite team.”

Texas Stadium is set to be imploded Sunday, April 11, 2010.  I’m speechless. It is a last, solid mark of change since I left Dallas.  The stadium was like a warm blanket to me, after the mega churches popped up around the city, it was good to see Jerry Jones kept the stadium  for a while with no? expectations…it’s small and cozy, true to the sport and to the fans.  Until, Super Bowl potential over took the ambitions of any good business man and the new stadium was built.

An interesting twist, Kraft Foods is sponsoring the implosion, partly through an essay writing contest with the winner to set off the demolition.

I plan on watching the implosion live: HERE

I plan on remembering it this way:

God Bless Texas.


One thought on “My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys. 1971-2010

  1. I know what you mean. I think all of us in this great city of Dallas are a little nostalgic these days. Remembering our favorite times at Texas Stadium. I remember going one really cold November Sunday with several friends. We were sitting in the “nose bleed” section of coarse and each of us were wrapped in a blanket just freezing. We didn’t care though, we had our hot chocolate and coffee, and oh yes some brandy. That was back when they would allow you to bring in drinks and food. We had a blast and were excited that the Cowboys won that day. Celebration!!!! I’ll have another coffee w/brandy please. Didn’t taste real good, but we didn’t much care.

    The implosion of this great Dallas landmark is proof that life goes on and we all have to move on with it. People don’t much like old things anymore. They would rather have the new and shiny and we do have a new and shiny Cowboy Stadium now. Bigger and much more expensive to participate in the game. Me, well I will watch the games at on home our flat screen TV. Warm and cozy with all the snacks I can muster. Thanks Anna for remembering your roots. Mom

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