Calling Air Traffic Control

August 8, 2008 - Photo by Elsa/Getty Images North America

The US Air Guitar Regional Championship-Philly was Thursday night at Johnny Brendas and it SOLD OUT!  Now, I would LOVE to write an amazing critic on the experience and be eloquent…etc…but honestly I wanted to go to see the craziness and check out the cuties. I wasn’t sure what to expect, until I ordered a beer and found one guy sitting next to me with his buddies, wearing an 80’s wig and  black spandex pants while his friend was drawing a VanHalen ‘VH‘ on his right arm.  Another guy wearing a pink shirt with pink and blue plaid pants with Gene Simmons make up ordered his beer after me, as if everything was completely normal. I like that about JB, most things are…well, they just are.

The show started with Hot Lixx Hulahan and the host, air guitar legend Bjorn Turoque playing in an air band.

Scores from 4.0 to 6.0 …mostly being 4.d’oh or 4. pie, 4.what? ….but consistent and were based on:

1. Technical Ability

2. Stage Presence

3. Airness – “the je ne sais quoi factor—you know it when you see it. It’s the extent to which the performance transcends the imitation of an art form, and becomes an art form in and of itself.”

The contestants ranges from plain to platinum with names to match.

Blurred Knuckles


Thrash Prince of Hell’Air

Captian Kick Ass

The Great White Nope


Slash Gorden

High Drator, who was a wild card.

One of my  favorites were RockUPine:

Intermission provided by WindHammer

Ultimately, there was a winner:

The High Drator

Blurred Knuckles

I discovered a documentary, Air Guitar Nation.


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