April Fools Fest

I’m a sucker for improv! You know it! I met up with Lynsey, Shannon, Sumanth, and Veronica for the Rare Bird Show April Fool’s Fest at the Khyber. The show was a mix of stand up, sketch comedy, and improv. All Philly locals, now and originally.

First set:

Chip Chantry: Facebook

The Action Section:YouTube

Rare Bird Show:Facebook

The second set:

My Favorite of the night: Aaron Hertzog: YouTube

Dava Krause:YouTube

** Philly Gossip blasted out Dava’s appearance on the Phillygossip.com site AND I didn’t realize she is becoming a regular on House,  She has also worked been a member of Second City with Tina Fey and Rachel Dresh**

Every time I watch Improv I get so juiced to try it out again..totally trusting in the other players to lead you into character and play along. Thrilling.


2 thoughts on “April Fools Fest

    • Thanks Matt, I could watch improv all day long. I’ll check Philly Improv out, I’ve done Improv I at the Walnut already….it’s tempting to get back into it…very tempting…..

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