School of Rock

The Headhouse District is having an Easter event this Sunday and one of the special performers is a band from the School of Rock.

The first time I saw a concert from  Paul Green’s School of Rock was at the Trocadero, around 2004/05. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew the school provided music lessons for children, but that was about it. Then I actually saw what the kids where playing.


Real rock and roll. On a real stage in front of a real crowd. And they were sick! Paul Green was insane. Now every time I see they are having a show, usually for specific bands (Nirvana, AC/DC, Zappa) I try to make it to a show and bring other people with me. It’s still amazing to see an 8-year-old kid behind the drums and a 10-year-old singing while a 16-year-old slams the guitar. It’s just amazing.

There is a great documentary about the school called Rock School.

And it all started here in Philly.  Another reason that makes this town great.


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