2010 Goal Check

I decided to re-evaluate my goals for the year. I’m glad I made a few, but mostly am still on the path to meeting them.


focus on conversation

remember 3 things from a conversation

enroll in improv II or movement class (2 more classes! as of end of March…completed 1 monologue and practicing for another)

better follow up with people and there ideas

call Dad every 3 months (Jan, April, July, October, Jan 2011)

Focus on one goal at a time


Review resume

Gather CEUS

Finish film project (grant approved!… filming to start in April)


RENT in March at Temple (planning for THIS Sunday)

Avenue Q at the Academy

Paul Queen School of Rock show

Tattoo Exhibit

Attend 6 winefests


Boston for St. Pats with Greta/Colleen March 14th with the Smiths (canceled b/c of transpiration issues)


Roller Coaster Week

Burning Man

Fall Australia?

Spring USA Roadtrip

Night Life events outside of Center City


45min running on treadmill at 5mph (have found myself running 3.3miles 2-3x weekly)

5K in March with Colleen, Jen, and Autumn (Canceled for allergies/schedule conflict)

Out and Back in April added

Yoga 2x weekly (conflicts with yoga at this time)


Pay off CXC by March (extended to April)

$700-1000 Savings a month


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