IPA Night at Nodding Head

It was time again, to get together with the  In Pursuit of Ale (IPA) women and try some new craft beer.  Tonight we met up at Nodding Head in Rittenhouse.

This was the menu and the pairings (not original pictures, not my own):

Reception Beer Ostap: akin to a Grisette, that is a low alcohol (4%ABV) Belgian-Style Blonde Ale... hop forward with a lighter body... served unfiltered

Fried Mac and Cheese: Paired with 60 Shilling : lighter Scotish-Style Ale... amber in color with plenty of maltiness... reminds us all that sometime there just aren't enough O's in smooth

Classic Bruschetta: Paired with Saison: Belgian -style farmhouse ale. Light in body with a dry finish. Mild citrus with hints of spice and subtle earthy notes.

White Beans with sage: Paired with Groge: English-Style Brown ale... malty with a medium body and hints of chocolate... makes for a great dark session beer

BBQ Chipotle pork Quesadillas

BBQ Pork Quesadillas: Paired with 3C: our Double IPA... one very hoppy yet immensely drinkable beer... brewed with three varieties of American hops all beginning with the letter C Chinook, Cascade and Centennial


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