Acting! Monologue

I have performed my Princess Lea monologue twice already. My teacher, upon hearing my second monologue (Evey’s ‘Remember, remember the fifth of November, of gun powder treason and plot…’) stopped me and gave me a monologue  from an actual play:

I have never heard it and now have to read through it, interpreting it on my own.

“Sometimes it’s like you can’t feel anything because the conversations in your head are too loud. You have no connection to your body, and you’re numb and depressed. The dancers in your head are twisted into knots. And there are voices, these hurtful voices and the only way to shut them up is to take a knife and cut  yourself.  Then the numbness drains out, the dancers are free, and you are free to feel again”

She says it’s from a comedy.


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