St. Patricks Day-Part II Philly

March 17th

McGillians Old Ale House

150 year anniversary

Started the day out hanging out with the Mr. Big Shot Tees guys and eventually found myself covered with stickers:

McGillians Rocks

John Doyle Rocks

I’m Magically Delicious

Spank Me, I’m Irish

Rub Me, I’m Drunk

Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced

Rub for Luck

**John Doyle is a well known bartender, having been at McGillians for several years. **

It was definitely a drunk meet and greet…I met Danica and Lori who introduced me to, “The Unicorn Song”. It’s a one hit wonder for a once a year event.

I recovered from that and played and dedicated ‘Tessie’ , by the Dropkick Murphys to Amy T.  Her reponse?  “Wicked Awesome!”

Attempting to keep the awesome, but  appropriate music going, I text Anna (resident lover of all things Scottish and Irish…but who is away for school..) for Irish suggestions and this is what was played next.  This ones for you Anna!

As the day progressed, and the drinking progressed,  and meeting people progressed, some classic OHiP quotes came out.

Quote 1: “I love the 80’s. Hence the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.”

Quote 2: ” He wears small balled necklaces each year. I swear each year his balls get bigger.”

And the Mr. Big Shot Tee guys got covered in marker.

And I was getting pictures of shirts and hats:

I was on the edge of wining $100! But didn’t jump fast enough to the front. Bummer.

Leaving? I caught these:

The 13 y/o unloading kegs. Am I the only one a little concerned about that?

Obviously the end of the night.

BREAK for food.

I then met up with ATeam and AFW for for the Tommy Up, FourSquare, Swarm party at PYT at the Piazza at Schmidts.

Location: PYT

Host: Tommy Up

Photograph By Ryan Donnell

Event: FourSquare Swarm Party

My new badge! Yea!!!

I now have nine badges. Yes, they mean absolutely nothing….but are a lot of fun in times like these.


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