St. Patrick’s Day Part I- Philly

It’s March 13th and the city is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Amy, Autumn, and I got together for the  Craft Beer Express, starting at Kite and Key.  Kite and Key’s specials were Dogfish Head and I enjoyed a flight of IPA’s including 60min, 90min, and 120min.

Autumn taste tested the 120min and said a great OHiP, which I twittered to OHiP.

“Overheard at Kite and Key. Girl taste testing the 120 min IPA, “Can I try your beer.” “Sure. “”Wow, it smells like cats.” @OHiP

Surprisingly, all of us, Autumn, Amy, and I brought our IPhone chargers and it was worth it.  Amy got a free beer from someone wanting to use her charger. We also discovered that the #craftbeerbus became a trending topic on Twitter! And seeing that, I decided to follow more people on Twitter, including @merecat and @chadoconnor. They obviously enjoyed the Craft Express and they were twittering like crazy, we should follow each other.

Through out the rest of the day we hit up Devils Den, Brauhaus, ending up at Standard Tap where I had a twitter conversation with @iphillychitchat about gays wearing cargo pants. Another brilliant OHiP moment:

Overheard at Standard Tap: ” I think he’s gay.” ” No, he’s not. Gay men don’t wear cargo pants.”

Ending the night at PYT with their famous PYT Burger. De-Lish!

Big props and thanks to Mr. Big Shot Tees! My shirt was an absolute success!


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