Acting Class Day 1

One Grecian Urn, Two Grecian Urns, and for a fountain! trickle trickle trickle trickle!

Well, I have completed my first acting class. “Acting Through Movement”.

We are made up of seven people, all actors. Except me, of course. My reasoning? Well, it was brought to my attention that my “neutral face” looks pissed off. And that is unacceptable! And my improv teacher suggested I take the class for greater awareness of my body and how to use it in the space.

As with any class, the initial meeting was awkward, but as soon started, I felt at total ease. I jumped in to the ice breaker with complete abandon! I have only felt this release one other time. When I was in Scotland. I found my bumble bees of theater!

The cast of charactors include:

Martha: heavy set with a short statchure, she has sweet eyes and soft spoken with slow and deliberate moves.  She’s from Philly, but people tend to think she is from the islands or England.

Steven: a gauky, pasty guy who wore all black. Actually, he wore black shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes at the session. He also hugged me during a session. He smiles and laughs a lot with a sort of naivety about him.

Alyssia: All American girl with red hair with a bit of charater in her face.  Seems a little more confident that the rest,

Dawn: Older, mascline woman with very natural looks and casual dress. Offers participation easily. I found out she teachers theater at a high school.

Marcy: Very out going and verbally expressive. Seem like she is a bit guarded, yet obviously open attempts of stepping out to learn something.

Randell (I think): Friend of Marcy. Former military guy who seems a little more guarded than Marcy, but puts on the charm regularly though the class.

Me (Anna): ummm, well. How do you explain yourself? Eager to do group activities, but guarded when input is saught from task. More of an observer, willing to make mistakes in smaller groups, usually thinking of the technique that is being taught and how to execute it.

Leah: the teacher. extremely animated with body and facial features. Has a high pitched voice that is not shrill, but comes across as innocent. Once she begins talking and demonstrating techniques, a respect for the craft is instilled.

We worked on several exercises, specifically mimic standing and walking with other people. I was a complete opposite of Randell. He stands back on his heels and I stand forward on my toes. Interesting.

In the end, we were told to follow someone for few minutes and see if we could mimic them. We were also told to come with a monologue for practice! It can be a song, a poem, anything.  I’m thinking comediac, something that involves physical comedy or possible sci-fi.

I would love to do this scene:


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