IPA Potluck and Tasting….Review

The first annual In Pursuit of Ale Potluck was held last night at the Yards Brewery off Delaware Ave. The itinerary was food, tasting, then tour.

My frito pie fell through, so I opted for the reliable mac and cheese, classic recipe. The spread was insane! Beef chili, chicken chili, min bok choy, Chinese wraps, bacon covered brownies, mac and cheese…with tomatoes and ham, curry lentils…People went all out…and then we ate it all up!



My first tasting was a flight the Yards signature Ales.

Philadelphia Pal Ale



Indian Pale Ale.

My second tasting was a flight of Ales of the Revolution.

General Washington’s Tavern Porter

Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale

Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale

Ending the night with and ESA, I made the command decision to twitter Zane Lamprey for a Three Sheets Pub crawl invite with our own beerlass.

“@zanelamprey honey bunny! Come to Philly for an Independent Crawl with @beerlass for your guidance in all things hoppy and fresh! Xxoo”

We braved the cold warehouse to hear about the 7 steps to make beer from 6 ingredients. Brewery power words : Malt, yeast, sugar, hops, brewpot, fermenter, funnel, strainer, airlock, stopper, thermometer, heating, cooling, capper…..you get the pitcher.

The tasting room is worth the visit. Ample bar room to sit at as well as several high top tables to gather around and talk. There are three small booths for sitting and two additional church pews around the billiard table. The atmosphere relaxed and airy, the staff is friendly and can read when to seek you out to help with selections when you are feel like guessing.


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