Feeling the Need for Enrichment? – Acting! of Course

A few years ago I dove into the world of improv. It was the one of the best experiences I had AND it made me realize I should have gotten involved in high school theater instead of debate. But I got into debate because the theater teacher taught debate and all our classes where in the theater.

I found an amazing acting partner, Greg. He was Costello to my Abbot, the Martin to my Lewis, Silent Bob to my Jay…we were awesome. And we told each other this. The peculiarity of it all, he was a South Philly UPS driver, 5’3″  tall, wore stark white sneakers every night, and always had product in his hair and I was Dallas chick who live in Rittenhouse. We had the potential of a famous double act.

The group of characters in the class was brilliant as well, one drunk, two socially awkward chicks, a college student who thought he was hilarious, and two lawyers.

Here’s a taste of Improv I: The Final..remember, we are Very Non Professionals! That’s Greg beside me.

I’m posting my fav! improv company, Improv Everywhere. Who recently put together the No Pants Subway Ride 2010.  And a group I totally want to know more about.

Enjoy, “I Love Lunch! The Musical.”

This year, I’m taking Movement Class at the Walnut Street Theater“This exciting class will help you learn to use your whole body on stage. This class focuses on movement improvisation, physical motivation through the use of centers, gestures, images and scene work. See how the feeling of ease created by a physical approach to acting can help you find renewed imagination, increased confidence and fully defined characters. Experience increased fun in your work as you explore renewing techniques for the actor”

It’s 10 weeks of pure excitement, I think.

I hope we do a show at the end.  I want to show off my new moves.


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