Sixers Game Against Portland

Here we go!

The Illiminator received tickets to the Sixers Game (via a WINGS ticket package) and invited me to come out and celebrate! Okay, so it was against Portland and though I have a greater grasp of basketball than football, I’m more interested in the team intro events. Which, wasn’t that great.  The 10,000 empty seats were distracting to me.

This is the stadium,  15 minutes before tip-off.

Are they THAT bad?

No, mind. The Sixers are a classic, this is proof…When I was in England, I went to the Notting Hill Festival and came across this guy:

It was brilliant.

Shirt. Check.

Attitude. Check.

I was originally disappointed in the first half because the Wachovia Center has only TWO ATM’s ! Do you believe that? The place has a seating capacity of over 21,000 and TWO ATM’s. Who’s ideas was this?  Better tonight, only ONE was working. Epic FAIL Sixers.

After a slow first half, the Bam Bam’s came out. NOW it was getting good!

To bam or not to bam!

Then the Hip Hop Hare Raisers came out. This is a feature I have not seen before and I absolutely love it.

Even after all that, I will admit, I was finished.



PHL 90

POR 98


SIDE NOTE: Suggestions for the Wachovia Center:

1. More ATMS

2. Allow the 200 level to upgrade to the 100, lower level after the first quarter. THAT’s fan appreciation. If they are showing up, at least show your appreciation.

3. What’s up with the food prices!? You know people hate them. You know it’s price gauging. You know people hate Comcast. Build up your rep.


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