My Devotion to Leslie Hall. Explained.

Leslie Hall.

Iowa Rapper, keepin’ it real.

My first experience of Leslie Hall, aka Keeper of the Gems, aka The Mother Gem was from with her classic, Beat Dazzler.

The second I saw her dancing on the Iowa sidewalk, catching air was she jumped off the curb into a cross walk with her shiny, pink lame’ track suit…with her back ground dancers snapping the bedazzlers along with the chorus. I knew.
We were kindred spirits in the world of, “What the hell is going on here….”

I, too, wanted to wear shiny spandex, do scissor kicks, and pop and lock in strange delis…but I know that could not be.

I found myself devoting my time to finding out more about this Gemfantastic Singer, who inspired me to explode my creativity and throw some scissor kicks here  and there.

She has devoted time to not only her craft of writing, but to crafts…as in arts and crafts. She appreciates gem sweaters. She calls herself, Keeper of the Gems, from her devotion to uphold, protect, and promote her collection of over 165 gem sweaters. Housed in the Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters, in her RV.

I go to her shows, singing her songs, dancing her moves, and knowing that after the show she’ll be super cool to meet all her fans…specifically wearing her signature gold lame’ outfit!

Secretly, I KNOW I could be Leslie Hall.

Want further proof? Check THIS out.


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