2010 New Year Goals-Motivation

If you want something you’re never had, do something you’re never done.” – unknown

The year is off to a GREAT start!

Funding for my work film is in it’s final grant writing stages for approval.

Dallas won against the Eagles last night.

I have already met one goal (Attending the Skin and Bones Tattoo Exhibit at the Seaport Museum)

I thought it would be a great idea to public express my goals with the intention to be held remotely accountable for most of them

So, here it goes:


focus on conversation

remember 3 things from a conversation

enroll in improv II or movement class

better follow up with people and there ideas

call Dad every 3 months

Focus on one goal at a time


Review resume

Gather CEUS

Finish film project


RENT in March at Temple

Avenue Q at the Academy

Paul Queen School of Rock show

Tattoo Exhibit

Attend 6 winefests


Boston for St. Pats with Greta/Colleen March 14th with the Smiths


Roller Coaster Week

Burning Man

Fall Australia?

Spring USA Roadtrip

Night Life events outside of Center City


45min running on treadmill at 5mph

5K in March with Colleen, Jen, and Autumn

Yoga 2x weekly


Pay off CXC by March

$700-1000 Savings a month

So, there is it. my life for 2010. If the river changes streams during my journey, then I will change my sails and got for it. I do know that if I fail at some and succeed at others, there is no doubt it utimately comes to this, I am loved.

2010. Let’s begin.


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