The Truth About Your Money:aka Why Dollar Stores are Insane

Let me take you back a few days. Let me take you into a bizarre story about what is and isn’t accepted when it comes to your money.

Let’s go to the dollar store. On Chestnut. The cheapest of the cheap. The most cluttered of the cluttered. All for a pad lock.

I walk up to the counter and point to the lock I want.

“$1.16” says the cashier, while two other employees watch me and the other three people in line, to pay.

I hand him two dollars and grab the lock, waiting for my change.

The cashier barks at me, “I can not take this one.”


“I can not take this one. It has a burnt hole in it.”


Barking louder, pointing violently at the money. “I can not take this! This is not good money, it has a hole in it!”

I look at the bill, trying to find the hole he was talking about…and there is was…. A SMALL, inconspicuous, burnt hole in my dollar.

“It’s okay. It’s still a good bill.”

“NO! It is not a good bill. You have to give me another one!”

“No, it’s legal tender and according to federal law, you MUST accept it.”


“Fine. I have the lock. You have my money. I’ll leave.”


“No, hold on! I need to give you your change.”

True Story!

I know I’m right about taking the money: here is my proof


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