When the ABQ drops in on the PHL

Day Four: The day after

Philadelphia is known as the city that brunches. And we are no exception. Though it continued to snow into the night last night,  we stayed to our plans to make it to Devil’s Alley for an early brunch.  We first headed out to Rittenhouse Park to see what happened over night.


Then we came across, what was the BEST surprise to me at least. A snow man family.

I will admit, there were a few Lager cans and a Miller Lite bottle near by, so the inspiration was obvious.

We headed to Devil’s Alley for a delicious brunch!  Lea had  the Devil’s Breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes. I had the fried green tomatoes and the breakfast quesadilla.

The plan was to try to get tickets to Little Shop of Horrors, playing at the Prince Theater.

Once we called the ticket office, it was announced the show was sold out.

Whateva’ ….as they say in Philly.

We still showed up and signed up for the waiting list.  Patiently waiting as families and other waiting list hopefuls, entered the building, we eavesdropped on the ticket table. Silently counting as ticket after ticket was confirmed returned or not intended to be used. We were finally called up and paid for 2 tickets for the general admission show. We headed to the black box theater and found seats, three rows back.

Lea’s favorite song:

The show was put on by 11th Hour Theater Company, keeping to originally ending..I won’t tell!

Excellent show!

We then made our way to Di Bruno Brothers, a Philly staple, for each of  us to have a cannoli…..and of course some hot chocolate and cafe’ mocha!

Then we headed to a holiday party with Lynsey.  Lea is becoming an expert at subway travel!

And had some delicious Maine Roots Blueberry Soda at the party.

Low key day, super adventure!

Pictures from the day:


Claes Oldenburg’s 45-foot-high, 10-ton sculpture stands in front of the
Center Square Building at 15th and Market Streets, near City Hall.

It represents 2 merging forms merging in an embrace

** can be seen in Trading Places**


Local restaurant of the winner of “The Next Iron Chef”, Jose Garces

Legacy Mural

Josh Sarantitis

Chestnut and 7th

Lea’s overall thoughts for the day: “uuummmm. uummm. ummmm. I don’t know.  I liked the snowmen. “


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