When the ABQ drops in on the PHL

Day Two: Philly

Up at 10am (7am ABQ time) out by 1.

We head out for  lunch to the Reading Terminal, bypassing a mob of high school kids that were roaming the streets and being rounded up by the Philadelphia police.  Hurrying Lea into the station we checked out the Reading Terminal Holiday Railroad and Train display.

We had lunch and bought pastries from the Amish.  I OD’d on chili from the buffet. I’m sure of it.

What did you think of Reading Terminal Lea?

Lea: “Cool.”

After lunch, we made our way to Macys to watch the Holiday Lights Show in the historic Wanamaker Building.  The trick it to go up to the second floor or higher for the best view! This year, Julie Andrews narrated a vivid story about the Nutcracker, Rudolph, Clocks, Santa and his train, and Frosty the Snowman.  ***interesting side note. Want to see the Wanamaker building in the movies? Check out the movie  Mannequin with Kim Cattrell and Andrew McCarthey.

We finished our Macys experience with Dickens Village.   An animetronic depiction of Dickens’ London and it’s role in his story, A Christmas Carol. ** Interesting fact. Tiny Tim and his family live in Camdentown, London (home to Amy Winehouse)**

We had the opportunity to see Santa. That was a no-go.  So, I opted for pictures with the staff.

And what did you think of your Macys experience, Lea?

Lea: “I like the lights and the Village thing. Well, most of it.”

Done with Macys and determined to make it to City Hall’s Tower, we headed to the Visitor’s Center. We scheduled the last available time, 4:15. (only 4 people are allowed up every 15min).  Having 30 minutes to kill we walked across the street to the municipal building.  It sounds boring at first, but the fun thing about the building is it has, scattered all over its plaza area, game pieces from chess, bingo, dominoes, and Monopoly.  The display is called, “Your Move” by Rodger White.

Then we hit Philadelphia City Hall and a trip to the Tower.

Interesting City Hall Facts:

1. Exterior marble is from Lee, MA.

2. Granite is from ME.

3. The marble, alone is over 20% of the constructions cost.

4. The largest single block of stone weighs  36 tons.

5. Construction time 1871-1901

Tower Facts:

1. Was designed to be the tallest building in the world, initially.

2. The statue of William Penn is the tallest statue on any building in the world.

3. The observation deck is 484′  from ground level.

4.  City Hall is one of the five squares designed by William Penn.

A great view of Broad and Market as well as Liberty One and Two and the Comcast Center.

Looking down Ben Franklin Blvd to the Museum of Art.

Looking up to Billy Penn from the observation deck.

Liberty One and Two and the Comcast building

On another side note, we came across in interesting piece of furniture while we were walking to the Tower:

Lea, how was City Hal?

Lea: “I liked the phone thing”.

On our way back home,  we made a stop for the usual.

Naked Chocolate Cafe for some more hot chocolate!

Lea got, Classic, American hot chocolate, Petit. I got Bittersweet, European (thicker) style.

How was the hot chocolate Lea?

Lea: “It was good. Maybe better than Dean and Deluca.”


One thought on “When the ABQ drops in on the PHL

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel like I have gained 10 pounds just reading about all the eating and drinking. YUMMMM..feed me more.

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