When the ABQ drops in on the PHL

Day One: New York

Up at 6am! (thats 3am ABQ time)

We head out to New Century aka the Chinatown bus, infamous for it’s eclectic customer service and on board entertainment including Mandarin rock and roll and Japanese game shows.  All at the great price of $20 RT! GW Bridge and parking will set you back just that, if not more.

Our first stop, Chinatown, NYC. The goal was to find some souvenirs at bargain (but classy) prices. We made our way to Canal Street and came across a grand opening? grand re-opening? of Paris Sandwiches on Mott St..

The amazing thing about the opening was there was a Chinese Lion Dance troupe performing. The Chinese Lion is a traditionally regarded as a guardian creature.

Here’s a sample of the Lion Dance

What did you think Lea?

Lea: “I don’t know. The ride the back to Philly was loud and obnoxious. All I wanted to do was sleep.  The dancing dog was cool, I last saw something like that when I was, like, 5 or 6. ”

We took the R Subway and found ourselves serenaded by a Tejano trio. They played Feliz Navidad, but no one clapped when they were done.

We then headed to Times Square  to eat.  We made it to Mars 2112. A Martian themed restaurant (that charges $2 per person, just to eat there!) A wigged out, Futurama Docvia Back to the Future, greeted us when we walked in the doors.  The entire restaurant was in the basement, orange, rocky, and drowning in Christmas music. Aliens walked the floor!

What did you think Lea?

Lea: My favorite thing was the three eyed mouse!

** Side note**  Little info for IPhones, did you know all ATT stores offer FREE docking for your phone to charge up!

We headed to Rockefeller Center and the  Top of the Rock.  But first we swung into Dean and Deluca for some yummy hot chocolate! Lea was freezing at this point and needed a re-energizer. The line was long, but HC was worth the wait!

What did you think Lea?

Lea: It was good!

Right across the street is Rockefeller Center and the famous Christmas tree, statue of Prometheus, and the ice skate rink.

The tree is traditionally a Norway Spruce ranging from 60-90 feet and some have been flown in from Ohio, ferried from Connecticut, and trailered from New Jersey.

We then made our way into 30 Rock, to the Top of the Rock.

** side note** The mural by Diego Rivera, originally commissioned for 30 Rock,  Man at a Crossroads was originally destroyed and then redone at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.  A great depiction event can be seen in the movie  Cradle Will Rock.

We head to the 67th floor of 30 rock to see an AMAZING view of  NYC!

We also got pulled into being fillers for the local weather segment.

We had to sing the 12 Days of Christmas. We were surround Germans, the French, and some people from Houston. I stuck my head in front of one of the French girls (she let me) so I could see myself on  TV, poor Lea  had a tall girl in front of her as well as the show host. So, no face time on TV.

What did you think about Lea?

Lea: ::shrugs shoulders::

Lea: “Cool”.

Next Stop: ToysRUs Times Square!

I can not tell you how long it took us to find this place when it was right around the corner the whole time! First, we stopped off at a new Times Square feature, the Ruby Red Steps.  Opened last year, this is the first time I, myself, have experienced them.

ToysRUs. Finally!

So we entered ToysRUs, and I will admit, it was not as obnoxiously crowed as I thought it would be. An actual Ferris Wheel greeted everyone as they walked through the front doors. We walked around and checked out the Jurassic Park dinosaur, Lego Land buildings with King Kong, and took pictures along the way.

Overheard from Lea: “I haven’t played with Barbies since I was 5.”

Our last stop, the Staten Island Ferry ride for the Statue of Liberty.

The ferry is FREE and the view is amazing. We made it to the Promenade Deck for a great view and spent the rest of the time relaxing.  The ride over, we had a harmonica player gently playing “Silent Night”

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4 thoughts on “When the ABQ drops in on the PHL

    • Lea assures me she is wearing layers, specifically the ones you bought her.
      The eskimo look is hot at the moment. who am I to buck the trends?

    • i know! but she didn’t want a jacket and she had layers on under the sweatshirt…you wouldn’t know it, but she did.

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