Northern Liberties Variety Show

I have found my new ‘hood.   Northern Liberties…otherwise known as “No. Libs”. I checked out The 8th Annual Northern Liberties Variety Show last Sunday with Autumn.

The show was held at the much past by, never visited, often thought of, bar, Johnny Brenda’s.

The Libertines, a dance trio reminiscent of gay Paree, provided entertainment between acts, in addition to a nod to Statler & Waldorf, all lead by an MC who explained the top 8 people on Philadelphia’s Shit List. (Mostly politicians and the obscene new bike rules and fines).

Acts consisted of live music, performance art including “Death Tap” , a tribute to Farrah Fawcett and her “ass cancer that can never have a proper fundraiser”, man boys playing guitars, a country trio, and comedians.  Two surprises of the night were Chang Chang and the Hula Hoop girl.

Chang Chang performed early this year with Leslie Hall and the Lys. I can only describe his show as “All Over”, as in he is all over what ever he is standing around.  And the Hula Hoop girl teaches Hooping at my gym! On my first day in class (and my only day, really) after 20 minutes of  being able to get the hoop around me once, every time. She said, “We will find you a hoop. No one fails at this with me, I promise.” Maybe I’ll go back to the class now that I’ve seen her do the show.

Here are some pictures from the other acts.

Or course, I did not leave this show uninspired! I, too, would be willing to perform in the 9th Annual Northern Liberties Variety Show! My song (you know it’s coming!) of choice?

Bette Midler: “My Otis Regrets”

I just need to find some Queens for back up dancers!


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