Parade of 1000 Rockys


Ah! Rocky. Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, etc. Philadelphians patron saint of the everyman and all that is Philly.  I had heard about The Parade of 1000 Rockys from (my go to for most Philly events). A run of Rockys from LOVE Park down Ben Franklin Parkway, and up the Art Museum steps. I knew it would be a hard sell to everyone because it was on a Sunday and at 10am of all times!  I found myself up and awake at 9ish that morning and walking the dog around 9:45, assuming that nothing would start on time…maybe hoping it started late.


No Luck.

I walked up to the Parkway and withing 3 minutes, noticed several people walking towards me with Rocky robes! But not to make a morning wasted, I caught the cheesesteak eating contest and hit up the Art Museum show on Gorky.


golden brown





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