Philly Halloween. Documented.

Interesting story about Philly’s reputation as a big city, small town.

Picture this.

Me, dressed as  Lucy Van Pelt waiting for the 42 to head up to World Live Cafe for the PhillyBloco show with Lynsey, Stoner, and the Frenchies.

Now Picture this.

Lucy Van Pelt walking up, onto the bus. Everyone looking at me and I wave, the obligatory “Hello”. People are looking, embrace it. Sitting next to a man who has his Blackberry out, Twittering to his followers,

The bus just filled up with Halloweeners. I am sitting net to Lucy Van Pelt as psychiatrist. and she tweets! @betsyvonawesome is her name.”

Friendly banter. His name is Chris, he goes by @harveymilk . I get off a few blocks up the street.

PhillyBloco at World Live Cafe = SOLD OUT

Lynsey and I catch the first set and then head to Henry David Ball to meet up with the Frenchies. Yael, Sébastien, Salam, Elodie, Stephanie, and Florine.


I run into Hughe Dillion, famous for PhillyChitChat. Philly’s own paparrazi. He and I chitchat and I tell him about my bus guy. I find out, they know each other! How crazy is that! Hughe (@iphillychitchat), myself (@betsyvonawesome), and Chris(@harveymilk) start twittering back and forth to each other.

Throughout all this, Hughe shoots a picture of me and Lynsey. While he’s sitting down. I’m convinced this is not my best angle. But I did make it into the Philly Poppy, and on Halloween of all times!



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