London Pictures


Oy!: My favorite British expression!

London was amazing…mostly. I loved. loved. loved. the culture and the people who I met. And of course my Milow experience may never be repeated (though I can always hope he’ll hit it big in the states and come to Philly). I respect the English love of proper ceremony and courtesy, as well as their sense of fashion, and of course the tube.

Interesting facts:

1. Winston Churchhill’s statue has a small, electric pulse running through it at all times to ward off the pigeons. He requested to NOT have a statue built of him because he was not happy about what the pigeons would eventually do.

2. London was once called Londinium, inhabited by the Romans.  You will find one, last, remaining Roman wall, still standing at The Tower of London on the Thames.

3. There is only ONE statue of  Queen Elizabeth II, snugly hidden in a courtyard, next to the first clock with a second hand.

4. There is amazing pizza at Uncle Ali’s in Wellsdon (about 20 minutes outside of the city center)

5. My Yoeman Guard believed that the government set the Great Fire in city to burn out the black plaque.

6. The buses are Benz!

7. The English love their monuments, including one for animals who were in WWII.

8. You thought Americans were prude. There are two naked statues that caused women to faint and men to quite their jobs.


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