Milow- London..Big Highlight

The story behind this concert:

Before my trip, my cubbiemate Alicia went out to Cali one weekend and came back talking about this singer she heard by the name of Milow. She asked if I had ever heard of him.

I had. And I loved! his! music!  I had even checked out his tour schedule a few weeks back, but everything was at large festivals in Holland and Belgium and Germany….all pretty pricey.

She then proceeded to tell me that the people she went to see in Cali KNOW him!

(very loud screaming in the cubbie on my part)

I checked his schedule again and found that he would be in London ONE day before I landed. I considered what the issues where changing my ticket and felt that it was well worth changing the ticket for a small price of  saved up money, to see one of my favorite singers!

I brought Caroline along with me to The Lexington in London and the show was amazing. I even got a picture with Milow….one of the best times, next to meeting Leslie Hall!

ENJOY!!! VERY LOUD YELLING!!!! ( he is very tan and I’m pretty pale…the flash is literally not sure what to do..I look at this picture and realize I am not that impressed with it. I think I look evil! What is going on with it? When he comes to the states, I’ll have to get a new one.)


Dreamers and Renegades

You Don’t Know

Ayo Technology


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