Last 2 Days

The longest day. Ever. During the trip.

Check out at 10. Flight at 6.

Imagine Terminal with Tom Hanks.

That was my day.

Book stores, magazines, trying on clothes, potential hair appointment, football game, 2 beers….that was my day.

I did have an experience that led to my 2nd meltdown. The gate changed for my flight, I was RUNNING to the gate as I read “Gate Closing” on the Departures screen. I met 3 Irish men, 1 who I was inexcusably dismissive and rude to in the beginning…..he then asked me if I was okay at the time of landing and we were airport BFF’s for 10min.

I love the Irish personality. I truly do. He and his coworkers were so kind to me as I profusely apologized through my amazing wit and personality.


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