Day 21 and Counting Down

Had breakfast at the All Star Cafe, met the owner who, upon finding out I was from America, he said, “God Bless America”.

I met some great people yesterday during the Red Light Tour with New Europe Tours and a few of us met up for the 3 hour tour of Amsterdam.


We walked all over Amsterdam and it gives you the opportunity to get aquanted to the city and meet other people.

Learned about:

Anne Frank

The widest bridge

The thinnest house

The Napoleon link

The coffee house culture

The protitution/church/sailor culture

The men and women’s prisons

and a drunk guy yelled at us….among other things.

I spoke to the guide, Amy ( and Aussie), and found out, she became a guide out of sheer interest in the city and the history. I would totally do that. Found out most guides are Aussie and only 1 is Dutch.

I then trekked it to the Van Gough Museum across town.

What a surprise it was to run into a street artist from Edinburgh, the act was Hazel and Henry.  Check them out and become a fan.


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