Day 20 A’Dam

Well, I must admit, the city is wearing on me!  Plans were to hit up Van Gough, the Albert Cuyp Market, the floating flower market, and the walking tour of the red light district.

Rain, drizzle, rain, drizzle…REPEAT throughout the day.

What I did was hit up the flower market:

I then, believing the rain would end, kept walking down the street to the open air, Albert Cuyp Market. Instead, I found myself behind 150 Dutchmen at the Heineken Brewery for the Heineken Experience.

You can make your own beer, be your own beer bottle, bottle your own beer, watch old commercials, etc. I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Realized, it’s the hops I love so much, it’s the bitterness.

I then found myself in an Irish Pub called O’Donnell’s speaking with Seamus, from Northern Ireland, getting the juice for a few worldly details while enjoying a Duval..

Seamus and I traded Amsterdam stories including

Insight that Otto Frank (of Anne Frank House) supplied the Germans with supplies (assumably before any knowledge of what was going on)

The Frank house was actually quite big in comparrision with other Dutch houses.

The Dutch aren’t ones to really tell stories/jokes.

Holland is 1/2 the size of Scotland. (Scotland makes up 1/2 the island with England)

He agreed with me and the Dutch trait of being very direct. This has happened to me twice during my stay.

After FINALLY seeing the Albert Cuyp Market, I went home. I have nothing much to say about the market. Check the link out and here’s a picture.

And lastly, I took the New Europe Tours for the Red Light District. I truely wish I had caught these guys and gals in London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.

Interesting facts about the Red Light District:

There were once over 400 windows and now there a little over 200. Apparently the Dutch government is trying to clean up the area, so much that one man was paid 25million Euros for his window front properties he rented out to women.

Women work an 8 hour day/paying 150 pounds per day.

Women charge 50-70 pounds for 15min

There is a church and kindergarden located within FEET of some windows for the prostitues children, who believe their  mothers are selling kisses.

The women are regulated (protestution only became legal in 2000) and even have a union called the Red Thread.

I met my new hostel roommates..all guys again, but all from the states. Two are traveling to Prague for study abroad and the other is a professional who is from my Dallas! Crazy.  The last guy is a drunk Italian.


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