Day 19 Amsterdam

London: City of Opportunities

Amsterdam: City of Experiences

Well, I will admit, I completely lost it last night. I realized that I could never be a vagabond traveler because of the commitment to non-commitment.

I must have a solid foundation of home somewhere, and to not know where it is or how to find it was too much for me.  I’m pretty independent, but truly believe there are those with greater ability to ride the current out, not matter where it’s flowing.

So, that being said I woke up today to construction…literally outside my window at 8 am today.  I have a brilliant picture of what I saw when I opened the front door of the hostel and I’ll have to post it later.

my hostel with the view if I stick my head outside my window and the stairs I have to walk up and down:



I am the only girl in a mixed room right now and am sharing it with 4 French guys. I found out this morning:

1. I have nowhere to change

2. My clothes REAK!

3. I had to shower and change in the shower room and put on mascara in the dark w/o  a mirror. Ladies, you hear me?

I sat around the lounge table for free breakfast:


And listened to a Dutch newscast, trying not to let the anxiety of the language barrier overtake me again.

I decided to plan for Anne Frank’s house, but HAD to find wifi! I ate a proper “American Breakfast” at a place called Da Raedt where I met some peeps for New Orleans. We traded wifi techniques and I found out they are traveling for 3 months through Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, and taking a cruise somewhere. They were all baby boomers and one particular guy was obsessed about his facebook! You know it is the fastest growing population to set up facebook accounts?

I grabbed my map, determined to NOT get lost and enjoy the city.

amsterdam-mapThe city is quite easy to figure it if you understand the major streets and alleys. I went on a boat tour today and found out Amsterdam is built on swampy land and the city, itself is made of over 90 man-made islands and all those are connected by over 1200 bridges!

The Anne Frank Huis was amazing. I got a little emotional, which I’m sure was a mix of stress, fatigue, and history. I did manage to get two pictures from inside the house, one being of the actual diary, itself….both with the mobile. Here’s a picture of the house, her father’s factory with the black doors and the bookcase that hide the families entrance for two years.



The lay out of the building, you truly would not know it had an annex, housing Anne, her family, and their friends. The rooms were small, and it was obvious one would get cabin fever just being there.  There was a great interactive series to learn more about the activities, hobbys, personalities, and rules of the house. Very moving.

Went to Dam Square as well, enjoying a D’Adam Palltie ( a pastry of almonds and dark chocolate with a powdered sugar coating:


The building directly in the back is the Royal Palace.

I finished my day up with a nap ( I fell asleep in the boat tour).

I will say this, walkers and bicyclers rule this city.


I am ( right now at least) seriously considering taking up riding my bike more. But I do have to consider, Amsterdam is pretty flat, unlike Philly and it’s hills from hell.


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