Day Fifteen ALREADY! – London

I have decided to extend my London trip. Mostly because Sunday and Monday there is to be a great carnival, the largest in Europe, down the road in Notting Hill. Appaptly called The Notting Hill Carnival.

So, after re-arranging my flight and hostel info, I headed back out to Shepards Bush. (home to a lot of Aussies and Kiwis in London)  I was hoping to catch a rugby match somewhere…but no luck. I didn’t know where to go and I started to think it would be a little odd if it was just me who walked in to watch the match. So, I went shopping at the Primark one stop further down the line at Hammersmith.

man-and-van-hammersmith-under-groundI had plans to meet up with John, a guy I met yesterday, for drinks.  After I got home from shopping, I got stood up and found myself watching Meet the Fockers and going to bed at 9:45, on a Saturday, in Londontown! This is completely unacceptable!

oh, well,  I watched the best X-Factor last night.


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