Day Fourteen -London

Overheard in the pub last night:

“I usually go there in…I’m trying to think of the word.”


“No, I’m thinking of another word….. ‘Disguise‘ .”

Is it possible to feel like there is nothing left to do? I planned to go the Tower of London and get a Beefeater tour. The Tower is amazing…but this whole “Royal This”, and “Royal That” is wearing on me. But who’s to deny ceremony?

My Beefeater or formally known as, Yeoman Warders, was strict! Pictures to only be taken from the back of the crowd and I got snipped at for taking a video. All Beefeater’s MUST meet strict military criteria and are considered the Queen’s personal bodyguards.


A little history, the Tower stands on the River Thames and whoever controlled the Tower, controlled the Thames, and whoever controlled the Thames, controlled London. William Penn was held at the tower, Walter Raliegh, and Guy Fawkes as well….along with all the other nobility. My Beefeater denied ghosts at the Tower because he doesn’t believe in them, but he did acknowledge that if ghosts were in existence, the Tower is it because of the killings and the torture.

There are 9 black ravens walking the grounds. The raven’s wings are clipped to keep them from flying away and leaving London and the monarchy to fall. The last standing Tudor homes are within the the tower walls, as are the Crown Jewels for all royal ceremonies. The queue moves quiet fast, but when you consider a moving sidewalk is in place for everyone to slowing pass the jewels. It’s pretty amusing.

It was Disco Karaoke Night at the local Pub, image this if you will. A large, old pub with busy carpet and hard wood decor. Then image 15 men all sitting staring at the karaoke host and then at each other. I sang one song with a man with two teeth and what looked like a concussion bump on his head.

One of the best Kareokee songs:

We then went dancing at a club that had 40 guys and 5 girls. I felt like I was crashing a party. But I did get to try a Portugues beer called Sagres. I think I’m losing the ability to appreciate good beer, because it was no different from Stella.

So far I’ve gotten repremended for trying to take the following pictures:

A hat I tried on at a department store

The guard at the Tower of London

Cambridge theater for Chicago show

The local Bobbys

No wonder the founding fathers wanted to get the hell out of dodge.


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