Days Twelve and Thirteen- Double Shot



The Globe Theater

Walking Tour of Jack the Ripper

The Waldorf Hotel Banquet Room



The Waldorf Hilton’s dining room is rumored to be decorated in a close replica of the Titanic’s dining room.  Though, according to the concierge, that fact has not been proven  to be true, but they are similarities between the two.



The room can be used for general overflow when conferences are in town, or rented out for 5,000 pounds a night.

I, then, intended to check out Jack the Ripper’s tour. But as English weather usually goes, it rained. So, I hit up St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s Cathedral was survived the WWII bombings and is an inspiration to all of England for rebuilding and survival. It took over 30 years to complete. St. Paul’s is also famous for being the location of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana’s wedding.

Something a bit more my style: FLASH MOB at St. Pauls!!!

The visit was interesting, the monuments are impressive and the artistry is amazing. I even climbed up to the whispering room, much like the rotunda in the Capital, if you whisper along the wall, your friend should hear you on the other side. This is, however impossible to verify because EVERYONE is doing the same thing!

A more proper video for the cathedral:

I then made my way to Primark. The Ross Dress for Less of the UK. One word: MADNESS! People were pushing, cutting in front of you, blocking your path, clothes on the floor, everywhere! I did manage to find a pretty awesome jacket (bomber jacket c 3/4 sleeves, dirty blue) for 10 pounds! I would be a fool to not buy it!

Later that night we checked out a local pub (name unknow), complete dive. I tried a Carling but met two bloaks, Kevin and Martin. Super funny, both of them.  We are all supposed to meet up on Friday for Disco Kareoke!

Realized via a conversation with Caroline, English guys have big butts and great legs. I totally agree with this and find it nice.



Changing of the Guard

Dinner in Notting Hill

Try a Pimms

Catch a discounted show


Changing of the guard. Done on odd days regardless if the Queen is in residence. Luckily for me she WAS!  Unlucky for me, the tube is being repaired and I got rerouted and was late, so I had to deal with the tourists and their luggage, buggys, small children, complete lack of awareness of traffic flow, personal space, and deodorant.

I got a few good shots and then completely gave up. I just can’t tolerate lack of manners or deodaurant. Here’s what I’m sure it looked like.

Then met up with Caroline at the tkts booth for show tkts. The choices were decent, Hairpray, Avenue Q, Chicago. We got 10th row tix, on the ground for 22pounds for Chicago!!!! How exciting is that!! The great thing is that the theaters are naturally small, so all the seats are going to be great!  The show was showing at the Cambridge Theatre, starting Michelle Williams, from Desitny’s Child.  She has the legs of a prepubescence girl, not athletic compared to the trained dancers on stage,  but that actually helps her character of the mousy Roxie Hart.

We  ate lunch at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, famous for being not only old, but for the haunting place of Charles Dickens! Had vegetarian pie with chips and veg (pot pie with fries and peas), paired with a Ol Chess Cheese Bitter Beer, served in Sam Smith’s pubs.

I tried to get a pic with a group of Bobbys in front of the Temple Bar, was told that only with a Bobby that is alone. Groups of Bobbys usually have a special event going on and can’t pose.

The Temple Bar was the enterence to the City of London:



The best song of Chicago:


The Tower of London

Disco Karoke!


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